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Hi Helen, It was really wonderful meeting you too, you really helped me to see how I can handle the next few years and the future as a financially independent woman – and that is so exciting! Thanks once again. ~ Vanessa

Hello Helen. Just a quick note of appreciation for the great work you do. Our meeting yesterday was such a relief for me as I was dreading something was going to be bad news because I was not working. Silly as that sounds, due to my thoughts being scrambled and my memory dreadful. Helen, you have a way of making complicated information clear to me. I appreciate your empathy and sense of humour and I am fortunate to be 'on your team'. ~ Linda

Up until now I have felt we had to hang on desperately to what we had in order to just survive. But we are now more positive and more confident about our financial future. We can see that even at our stage of life it is still possible for us to get our money to work for us. ~ name withheld

Thank you very much for your diligence and advice yesterday. While it was a very daunting task from my perspective, it wasn’t anywhere near as difficult as I expected it to be. And that is in no small part due to your collective efforts before, during and after. ~ Leisa